Raf Van Hulle always at the top of the trip !

Raf Van Hulle entered Russia yesterday and continues his race, almost 2800 km in 12 days. Stéphane Bertrand had to stop to repair the structure that carries his solar panels, he entered only tonight in Russia (2890 km travelled). Augustus and Camille Colle are behind him, still in Ukraine. Mickaël Jamil, Eric Morel and Jack Butler are a little further afield (2500 km travelled). And behind them, the platoon stretches to the Czech Republic.

But 7 participants roll in a completely different direction, they follow the South Lane. These are Patrice Dhanshri, Youssef El Haouass & Mohamed Saïd Jeberi, Alain & Jean Claude Viguier, Justin Lemire-Elmore & Anne Sophie.

Meeting with suntripers on the Lac du Bourget shores

This end of the day of June 15, some suntripers were already settling when we arrived at the campsite. The following suntripers arrived one after the other. This gave us all the time to greet those we knew, to meet others, to discover the design of different vehicles.

Back to the Sun Trip Prologue, from Lyon to Chamonix

We were 20 solar cyclists to come together this morning of June 15: we were going to meet the 40 participants of the Sun Trip during the few days of their prologue from Lyon to Chamonix, accompany them, encourage them; we were enthusiastic about their journey and their vehicles. The association Vécolo was the organizer of this event “The loop of Friends of the Sun Trip”, thanks to them!

Bad weather for suntripeurs

Several suntripeurs are going through a period of very bad weather. Below is a video by Laurent Souchet who restores the atmosphere: lots of rain, no sun to recharge his battery. Fortunately, he rides on flat and does not cross mountains.

The rest of the route to China

If we widen the map to see the point of arrival in China, the city of Canton (Guangzhou), we realize the distance that remains to be travelled. As a friend would have said, the Sun Trip is not a Mickey’s thing!
Our participants are only at the beginning of their journey!

1550 km travelled in 6 days!

1550 km travelled in 6 days for Stéphane Bertrand, despite poor weather conditions in Slovenia, an average of 258 km per day. And we see on the map that the two routes of departure, north and south, are approaching.

The heading of 1000 km travelled in less than 4 days!

Stéphane Bertrand is the first to have surpassed the 1000 km travelled on this 4th day, shortly before 4pm! I emphasize that each participant following his own route, each one crosses different gradients, so it is not possible to compare.

This is proof of the effectiveness of these solar bikes … and these cyclists!

Departure for the prologue of the Sun Trip 2018

Départ du Sun Trip 2018 de la place des Terreaux, Lyon

🇫🇷 🇨🇳 45 aventurières et aventuriers sont partis de Lyon pour 12 000 km à vélo solaire jusqu’à Guangzhou en Chine, pour The Sun Trip 2018 ! 🚵🏽‍♂️ Ils vont parcourir les historiques routes de la soie, sans assistance extérieure, en moins de 50 jours.🇫🇷 🇨🇳 45 adventurers left Lyon for 12,000 km by solar bike to Guangzhou in China, for The Sun Trip 2018!🚵🏻‍♀️ They will travel the historic Silk Roads, without outside assistance, in less than 50 days.

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➡️ 📺 #SunTripTV ☀ LIVE DÉPART 🚴 OFFICIEL #TheSunTrip2018 🇫🇷 Lyon-Guangzhou 🇨🇳

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It was place des Terreaux in Lyon, I was there very early, before the arrival of the suntripeurs. My folding bike and its mini solar trailer have nothing to do with solar bicycles/vehicles that will face the 12 000 km to China!