Gregory Lewyllie still on the way

Gone in June on his bamboo solar bike, Gregory Lewyllie continues his journey through Laos. He attended for a week at a Buddhist festival in Luang Prabang (World Heritage of Humanity – Unesco).
On the eve of November, he is crossing the province of Xieng Khouang and his GPS track shows that he takes time to discover the country.

Solar bikes made in Africa!

Spotted on Twitter: Since 2014, a company (NGO?) is developing light autonomous electric vehicles for Africa. It has deployed electric bikes and scooters, 3-and 4-wheeled vehicles, and charging stations, under leasing, rental, Pay as you go conditions.
His efforts are now focused on the development of environmentally friendly and affordable solar powered vehicles for isolated rural areas outside of the electricity grid in Africa.

The site:

A solar bike at the car show in Paris!

This year, the Sun Trip was invited to the 2018 motor show in the part for vehicule of future. The challenge was to present to the public the diversity of vehicles, electric and solar, emerging. This was the occasion for Florian Bailly, the creator of the Sun Trip, to show an example of solar bike, the type of those who have travelled this summer the 12000 km that separate Lyon from the city of Canton in China (Guangzhou).

Daniele Gonano presented the solar recumbent bike he used in June for the prologue of the Sun Trip 2018. He was accompanied by Paul Bermejo who participated in Sun Trip 2015 and 2017 [ find out more about this bike ].
Daniele's bike has even done the honors of the press:

© Charlie Hebdo-N ° 1368 – October 10th 2018

Sun Trip 2018 participants awards

Françoise Denel, the dean of the Sun Trip, was honoured with the Public Award. She was acclaimed for her enthusiasm and optimism in all circumstances, her benevolent and poetic look at the regions crossed.

Jack Butler received the Jury Award that rewards the adventurer who knew how to achieve the sun Trip in recharge 100% solar, while communicating best on his adventure. The organization team particularly appreciated Jack’s talent for making videos (sometimes even with the use of a drone), as well as his strong presence on social networks.

Youssef El Haouass and Mohamed Said Kaan have received the  “Coup de coeur 2018” award by the organization team. Together they formed a welded duo, capable of an exceptional performance: the design and construction by Youssef of a solar tandem adapted to the handicap, the courage of Mohamed Said to embark on this adventure despite his handicap. To move the mountains!

Gregory continues his journey to Laos!

Gregory Lewyllie illustrates here his temperament as a great traveller : not only does he make a France-china journey on the silk roads, on a solar bike, but he does not stop in Guangzhou, the intended destination of the Sun Trip. He goes further!
As his GPS continues to function, we can see that he continues his crossing of China and that he now arrives at the border of Laos.
He left Lyon, in France, 118 days ago, almost 4 months!

Gregory Lewyllie continues his journey, but where is he going?

Gregory Lewyllie did not arrive in Guangzhou within the allotted time of 100 days, probably because of his long exploration of the silk roads in Uzbekistan. In the days following the arrival of Michael Polak in Guangzhou, Gregory's GPS began to draw a straight track: we thought that he had decided to take the train to Guangzhou.

But in fact, he went to Kunming (昆明市) in Yunnan province, and there, he resumed his solar bike journey. Today, he is in Pu'er (普洱市), a city 200 km far from the Chinese border, close to Laos, Burma and Vietnam.
But where did he plan to go?
The future will tell us…

The Sun Trip 2018 is over!

From Lyon to Guangzhou in China, more than 12000 km, some 30 countries crossed, the adventurers of Sun Trip 2018 have written a page of history of solar ecomobility.
It was an extraordinary adventure for all of them and for all those who followed them, thanks to their stories and photos published on the Internet.

Thank you to the organizers for making us live this adventure!

See you in July 2019 for a new Sun Trip Tour!

Final ranking of Sun Trip 2018

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Several participants did not reach Canton:
[table id = 11 /]
These SunTripers did not arrive at the goal for various reasons:

  • some suntripers felt mid-term that they could not get to Canton within the 100-day time limit, they chose to go home by solar bike and still traveled between 9000 and 10000 km, which remains a good performance,
  • others chose repatriation either because of technical problems, or for reasons of physical fitness not allowing them to face the 12000 km France-China,
  • Justin and Anne-Sophie went to Canada to get married,
  • finally, the great traveler Gregory Lewyllie, who favors discovery at speed (he has long explored Uzbekistan), has not managed to catch up to arrive in Canton in 100 days. But he continues his trip to Laos, Thailand, his trip lasts 4 months (120 days).

Crossing Kazakhstan on a sailing bike!

Yes, I concede, this article did not quite fit on this blog, it does not talk about solar bike. But as soon as I saw it on twitter, I did not resist the desire to relay this adventure that values another form of ecomobility, the sailing bike! Crossing Kazakhstan to Kyrgyzstan with the steppe ship @asiatrek, great!
And then the sun plays a role in the formation of the winds, right?

For more information, a very complete video:

“Coup de coeur” award to Youssef and Mohamed

The organization team decided to award a "coup de coeur" 2018 to the Moroccan duo Youssef El Haouass and Mohamed said Jberi. In fact, their participation was a challenge to the administrative realities and the physical constraints. Their performance was at the height of the hopes brought!

First of all, Youssef managed to design and build the first solar tandem adapted to handicap and able to travel over a very long distance.
And on the other hand, Mohamed said accepted the crazy bet to embark on this journey France-china, despite his handicap.
Together they formed a welded duo, able to overcome all obstacles, including some administrative complications. Together they inspired the world and grew the adventure of Sun Trip.

This performance is part of the continuity of those of other SunTripers, since the first edition in 2013. The solar bike is a way to push the limits and it is an honor for the Sun Trip to be the vector of such a humanist message.
Bravo again to Youssef and Mohamed Said who will be celebrated on their return to Tangier in Morocco.

Michael Polák is in Guangzhou!!!

Michael Polák arrived with great emotion this morning in Guangzhou, concluding this incredible 2018 edition of the Sun Trip, after a 106-day journey! He was greeted by 5 SunTripers and Angélique, from the organization team of the Sun Trip, under the admiring gaze of a Chinese audience present en masse on the arrival site on this official holiday day.

Bravo to Michael for his choice of daring itineraries in the mountains of Europe and in the Highlands of China.
Bravo also for having managed to make this journey in 100% solar mode on an original bike that he built entirely himself.

The Sun Trip 2018 officially ends today after 106 days of Adventure. Out of 36 participants, 24 will have been able to reach the finish, including 13 adventurers in 100% solar Mode. The adventure spread its joy and message on the ecomobility throughout the 12 000 km road.

Françoise Denel arrived in Guangzhou !

Françoise crossed the finish line today, October 1, 2018, wich is Chinese National Day, in a bright sun and in front of a large crowd. This seventy-year-old woman traveled 103 days from France to reach Guangzhou.
The dean wins the Sun Trip 2018 Audience Award!