New adventures in 2018 and 2019 !

The name of this blog changes !
This blog opened in December 2016, because of my registration to the challenge of the Sun Trip Tour in July 2017. But now, 2017 is behind us. On this January 1st, 2018, I must think about the future and the adventures that it will reserve.
“a solar bike adventure” ( becomes “Solar bike adventures” ( )

Although the Sun Trip 2018 made me dream a lot last spring (a trip from Lyon to Canton in China), I will not participate for many reasons. At most I will participate to the prologue that will be organized before departure : many of ancient suntripeurs will have pleasure to ride, for a few days, wuith the participants of the 2018 edition of Sun Trip.

However, I am already enrolled in the Sun Trip Tour 2019. I am now working on a new trailer to support my solar panels. I also focus on the realization of an arduino-based instrument for measuring energy captured by solar panels. The Kelle Fabrik FabLab of Dijon is once again my partner in this project.

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