Energy balance of Sun Trip Europe by solar bike

In this report, I take into account the Sun Trip but also my journey to reach Brussels and the return from Lyon to my home. I excluded the days when I did not cycle: 3 days in Brussels for presentations to schools and partner institutions and 2 days of immobility for breakdown and other.

– 57 days of cycling
– 14 countries crossed, 18 borders
– distance of travel: 8,600 km
– positive elevation: 50,000 m

– total solar production: 91,000 Wh
– energy produced by regeneration: 4,000 Wh
– motor + devices consumption: 95,000 Wh

– average solar production: 1,590 Wh/d
– energy produced by regeneration: 65 Wh/d on average
– average consumption: 1,655 Wh/d

This summer, the sunshine conditions were extremely variable:
– mini solar production: 200 Wh in one day
– maximum solar production: 3,000 Wh in one day
The distances traveled were influenced by these weather conditions, the traffic conditions (roads with heavy traffic), the type of road surface (deteriorated asphalt, unpaved surfaces: cobblestones, sand, gravel, etc.). The wind was not often frontal, sometimes lateral, therefore destabilizing for the 2 wheels with solar roofs.

Solar consumption and production graph

Table of the route, distance, elevation, consumption and solar production

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