Sun Trip 2018 trailer !

The Sun Trip's organizing team today publishes a video that traces the incredible adventure experienced by the participants of the 2018 edition, from Lyon to Guangzhou in China, 12000 kilometers of efforts, wonders, discoveries, encounters, under the sun or in the rain, in the wind…
An adventure that has transformed them all, and that shows us the efficiency of this new form of mobility on solar bike!

A must see:

For Gregory Lewyllie, the end of Sun Trip 2018!

Curiously, for several days, the GPS trace of Gregory Lewyllie did not progress. Was it a time of rest? Well no, Gregory was the victim of a bike fall, here’s what he just published on his Facebook account:
“Over the past two weeks, I have enjoyed my gratitude throughout Laos.” It was almost too good to be true… Just before the final farewells and on the way to Cambodia, fate unfortunately struck. I lost control of my bike on a narrow path along the Mekong, and I fell 10 meters lower. I broke my right shoulder! After a lot of thought about the situation, I decided to temporarily stop the trip and go home. I have stored all my equipment here and I hope to return in 2019 to continue the trip. I am comforted at the idea that it could have been much worse and that this is not the end of the solar Bamboe bike trip. »
Best wishes for a good recovery to Grégory Lewyllie!

The video is impressive: we understand the height of his fall by seeing the inhabitants recover his bike. It is easy to imagine that the consequences of this accident could have been much worse: