Beautiful meetings in Switzerland

In Lausanne, a deviation from the cycle path leads me into inextricable meanders with my long trailer. I pity, I tell myself that I would have done better to follow the road.
However, after an umpteenth detour, surprise! Under a bridge, I discovered Emmanuelle’s installation. It intrigues me … Is it Contemporary Art? I question her.

Emmanuelle finds that people live isolated, they cannot imagine how much they would gain from being in contact, sharing, helping each other, exchanging, in order to achieve their dreams. So, she decided to launch here, under this bridge, a solidarity sharing scholarship. Everyone is invited to write down their dream, the help they would need to make this dream come true, and everything they can give to others.

I start to write my contribution when Nanga arrives by bike also stops and discusses. Born of a Congolese father and Angolan mother, both of the same ethnic group, Nanga is acutely aware of the artificial boundaries drawn between men, of the links that have been lost …
Emmanuelle, bravo for your project which sparks meetings and exchanges!

– Are you doing the Sun Trip? this cyclist asks me.
– You know the Sun Trip ??? I asked him.
I will discover that she is the sister-in-law of Paul Baudry, a Suntripeur from Plouguerneau!


In Divonne-les-Bains, meeting with a family of English cyclists attracted by my bike: Tom, Joe, Anna, May, Katy, Esther, Sam …
Have nice holidays!

Just before the French border, in a café in Saint-Cergue, Siméon asks me about my solar bike. We are also talking about the other bikes on the Sun Trip. Automotive engineer, he is very interested in the concept of transmission known as “series hybrid” of the bikes of Edgar Tournon and Bernard Cauquil.

And a big thank you to Simeon for paying for my soda. He saved me while I was grappling with a restaurant manager, barking every word: I had no Swiss money and she refused my credit card!

On the way back home from # SunTrip2020 #SunTripFrance

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