Who am I?

I have always loved tinkering, building, inventing. And I also like to explore, discover, meet … New experiences attract me and the Suntrip immediately appeared to me as an extraordinary adventure which could unite these two aspirations. After having dreamed so much during the 2013 and 2015 editions, now the calendar for the 2017 edition allows me to participate for the first time! Then I continued on the following editions: Prologue 2018, Sun Trip Tour 2019, Sun Trip France 2020, Sun Trip Europe 2021 and soon Sun Trip Alpes 2022.

Through the SunTrip and other solar trips, I found all the ingredients that make me vibrate and motivate me: commitment, meetings, partnership, research, discovery, respect for the environment and the other … I like to share this experience, in various places: schools, MJC … to open to a reflection on new mobilities, on energy transition. Traveling by solar bike is a way to get involved in the climate and fight against global warming.

Since the 2000s, I have enjoyed discovering new countries and landscapes at the rhythm of hiking, mainly in Western Europe: by bike, on foot, on ski … (cf. the map at the bottom of this page ).

The world: a space to discover, meet, share…

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