Imagine a solar bike for the Sun Trip Tour 2017!

How will I go about making my solar bike? I do not have an electrically assisted bicycle, I know very little about capturing solar energy … Suddenly, the questions flow in all directions:

  • for electrically assisted bikes: what type of motor? Hub motor or bottom bracket? Motor on the bike or on the wheel of a trailer that pushes the bike?
  • what power for the battery?
  • how can the uneven power of the sun charge the battery? How is it regulated?
  • For solar panels: how much? What power? What dimensions? Where to install them? On the bike, on a trailer, on both? How to fix them?

To sort out all these ideas, I make a mind map: https://app.wfor resources on the internet, there is no shortage of them. Of course, I come across "THE" precursor: From France to Japan by solar bike

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