My planned itinerary for the Sun Trip Europe

This is a route I mapped out at home, with maps and apps. Apart from the compulsory checkpoints, we have complete freedom to choose the route. So I chose to go through a few specific places:
– in Germany, the city of Magdeburg, to see The Green Citadel created in 2005 by Hundertwasser, brilliant Austrian architect and environmentalist,
– in Poland, the forest of Białowieża, which is the last primary lowland forest in Europe, a forest unexploited by man for centuries,
– in Romania, the city of Cluj Napoca, which is twinned with Dijon where I live,
– as well as Pécs in Hungary,
– and Guimarães in Portugal.

Voir en plein écran

But of course, lots of unforeseen events await us: meeting people who warmly recommend a place, a city, the desire to take the road for a while with other solar cyclists, breakdowns perhaps …
This map is therefore a landmark today, but it is impossible to know which course will be mine in the end.

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