Raf Van Hulle always at the top of the trip !

Raf Van Hulle entered Russia yesterday and continues his race, almost 2800 km in 12 days. Stéphane Bertrand had to stop to repair the structure that carries his solar panels, he entered only tonight in Russia (2890 km travelled). Augustus and Camille Colle are behind him, still in Ukraine. Mickaël Jamil, Eric Morel and Jack Butler are a little further afield (2500 km travelled). And behind them, the platoon stretches to the Czech Republic.

But 7 participants roll in a completely different direction, they follow the South Lane. These are Patrice Dhanshri, Youssef El Haouass & Mohamed Saïd Jeberi, Alain & Jean Claude Viguier, Justin Lemire-Elmore & Anne Sophie.

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