The itinerary of my Sun Trip Europe

In the end, I mostly followed the route I had traced back home, with maps and apps. As expected, I went through the city of Magdeburg in Germany, through the primary forest of Białowieża in Poland, through the city of Cluj Napoca in Romania, twinned with Dijon.

Voir en plein écran

But obviously many unforeseen events have affected my course:
– in Germany, I finally crossed Berlin to find Patrice and Jean-Louis, two other suntripeurs,
– in Lithuania, I preferred to follow the GPS track given by Bernard, to avoid improbable roads and dirt roads,
– back from Riga, Lithuania, I took a detour via Vilnius to visit a little cousin married to a Finnish woman;
– in Poland, around Lublin, I turned east all morning to follow those who had opted for Ukraine, then at midday, I changed my mind, I decided to come back to my first choice, I headed for Slovakia,
– in Romania, arrived in Cluj-Napoca, I diverted to Alba Iulia to respond to the invitation of Sophie Planque and Jérémy Vaugeois, and thus find other participants with I then traveled,
– in Romania, to arrive in Constanta, we opted for a very pleasant route, without any traffic, which we also took on the return,
– we came back via Bulgaria rather than Romania, for the pleasure of discovering a new country,
– in Serbia, we have carefully avoided the traffic of the capital Belgrade,
– in Croatia, we have long walked along the border with Hungary without ever crossing it, to avoid time-consuming health checks,
– in Slovenia, we have consciously changed the planned route to enjoy the Slovenian landscapes, visit the capital Ljubljana and meet great people there,
– after Slovenia, we thought to cross Austria, but in the end we preferred to go to Italy to visit our friend Daniele,
– in Italy, we decided to end our trip in Lyon, without going through Spain and Portugal, the weather and unforeseen events having slowed our progress too much.

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