The question of the weight hike…

While hiking, walking or cycling, I learned to pay attention to the weight of my equipment. I learned a lot about ultra-light walking sites (MUL) especially The basic principle: is this equipment indispensable to me? To find the right balance between comfort, safety and lightness. I apply the same principles to bike riding.

For the SunTrip, I knew my bike would be heavier than a normal bike and my choices were often guided by the concern around the weight. The bike I bought weighed 25kg. I managed to reduce his weight to 19.6 kg. How? For example by removing accessories such as the steel luggage rack (1kg alone!), fenders, etc.. and replacing the suspended fork with a rigid carbon fork (2 kg gain).

On the other hand, my new reconditioned battery gained weight: 3.6 kg versus 2.8 kg originally. But that extra weight doesn't upset me. What for? Because it corresponds to an increase in its storage capacity: It goes from 9.6 Ah to 28Ah because the repackaging company offered me to increase the number of cells using all the available space.

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