Today, Col de la Croix de Fer

Nice step, the worries of the beginning of the day are forgotten, even if the problem is not solved. The descent of Lans-en-Vercors was very beautiful, overlooking the Chartreuse and Belledonne.

From Grenoble to Vizille, the trafic was painful. Fortunately, we drove in a group, then alone at the stops, then we found further suntripeurs. The climb to the col of the Iron Cross was long and rough, but no one can say that he was not warned: The climb was even more severe a few kilometers from the pass when the battery was empty, because of a sun hidden for too long. At that time, I was happy to have a development of MTB and to be able to “grind”. But the effort is always rewarded: arrived at the lake, the sun illuminated the valley a few minutes and I was able to film beautiful plans.

At the pass: Balance: few km, but quite a bit of difference!

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