Tour de Normandie: steps 7 & 8

Day 7-stage from Domfront-en-Poiraie to Houdan
In the morning departure for a long day that should lead us to the destination: we cross large forests very fresh, on roads that swallow hills and valleys, the Ferns accompany us along the Undergrowth. We lose our way, we sail through the grove on country roads. Soon, Daniele’s brakes are loosened, we need to tighten bolts hidden behind his wheels. It appeals to a resident of the small village that we pass through which fortunately to all the necessary tools. The afternoon takes place in a maze of small roads in the midst of large fields of wheat already harvested. The heat overwhelms us.

It is 8:30 am when we arrive at Houdan, we abandon the idea of arriving tonight at our final destination. No camping and the only hotel in the city displays full! But we are relieved to learn that there is still a free room. Whew, we will not sleep without shower!

Day 8-stage from Houdan to St-Nom-la-Bretèche
We leave after a solid breakfast, very quietly because the stage is very short: 40km. Paul finds us on arrival with a paella and a surprise: he warned Francis, Suntripeur 2017, who joined us.

Day 9-stage from St-Nom-la-Bretèche to Sens
Today, back home. Almost 3 hours to get out of the parisian agglomeration, to forget its crowded boulevards, its intense traffic, its red lights, its bike paths along quasi motorways. I pass the Seine to Ris-Orangis and I think I finally find the countryside. The sun effectively recharges my battery but it makes the road burning and infernal. I have only one desire: to arrive in Sens and take an air-conditioned train!

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