Where are the other Sun Trip participants?

9 Sun Trip Participants have already arrived in Guangzhou (Canton).
But where are the others?

7 of them spread throughout the 5000 km of the course in China: Michael Polak, Françoise Denel, Thierry Rassat, Peter Helsen, Daniel Jenni, Dirk Huyghe, Romain Neauport.

The last six are in eastern Kazakhstan and will soon enter China: Gregory Lewyllie, J-Claude Viguier, François Médalle & Gilles Coural, Youssef El Haouass and Mohamed Saïd Jeberi.

Some have given up China and are on their way home: Eymeric Thuliez and Juergen Burkholz currently in Georgia, Patrice Plozner in Croatia etc …

There is also Justin and Anne-Sophie who finished their trip to Tehran from where they flew to Canada to get married! They already knew from the start that they would not go to China.

And there are also the participants who were forced to abandon the adventure because of technical problems: Michel Bamps (trailer problem), Bernard and Yann Cauquil, Alain Viguier (battery fire) … Not to mention Camille and Auguste Colle who had to give up their solar tandem. However, the two brothers did not give up the adventure and it is with standard bikes that they reached Guangzhou.

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