Where are the Sun Trip 2018 participants?

Let’s have a look at the position of each participant in this great solar cycling rally:

  • 4 have travelled more than 9000 km (3/4 of the course). They are : Raf Van Hulle, Mickaël Joguet, Éric Morel and Stéphane Bertrand;
  • 15 have already completed more than 6000 km (half of the route) and 9 have arrived in China : Jack Butler, Auguste and Camille Colle, Herman segers, Laurent Souchet. Further afield are Daniel Jenni, Peter Helsen, Dirk Huyghe, Romain Neauport, Thierry Rassat, Lionel Serrat;
  • The other 15 are approaching half of the course: Paul baudry, Gregory Lewyllie, Françoise Denel who celebrated her 70 years during this trip, Michael Polak, Gilles Coural & François Médalle, Catherine & Didier Pozzobon, Corinne Courvalin, Youssef El Haouass & Mohamed Said Jeberi.
  • Justin Lemire-Elmore and Anne-Sophie Rodet flew from Tehran to get married in Canada, they planned not to go to China;
  • Patrice Plozner decided to turn back to his home, Bernard and Yann Cauquil had to be repatriated because of too many technical troubles, as well as Michel Bamps.

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