Where are the suntripers still on the way?

Will all suntripers arrive in Guangzhou within the allotted time of 100 days? Let's make the situation point for all cyclists on the road since now 94 days:

  • Thierry Rassat is the closest to the goal, he has just exceeded the threshold of 12 000 km travelled, it only remains 300km to arrive in Canton,
  • Françoise Denel has travelled almost 11500 km, she is 500 km away from Thierry,
  • Michael Polak then arrives, after a detour by the Tibetan plateaus and in the high mountains, with almost 11000 km travelled,
  • Gregory Lewyllie, the eternal traveller, closes the walk with a little over 10000 km on the counter,

  • And there are also François and Gilles, Youssef and Mohamed Saeed, Catherine and Didier as well as Corinne who chose to make a part of the road by train not to arrive too late in Guangzhou.

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