Hiking in southern Burgundy

Yesterday I rode in Saône-et-Loire between Châlon-sur-Saône and Cluny. Sun on top and big heat! The conditions were met for a solar bike to be at ease. And this was the case, because with a used battery whose autonomy is 15km, I was able to take a 130 km round without worry, the sun recharging it all along the road! What beautiful landscapes in this South Burgundy!

Break at “Pierre au Grain” pond, between Cluny and Saint-Bonnet-de-Joux

Bike presentation at Pignons-sur-Rue store

The gable-on-street cycle shop was my first partner.

I thank Julien Fernandez for believing in my project from the first hour and for advising me with a lot of attention and professionalism. He is the supplier of my electric bike and has given me a discount as part of my participation in Sun Trip 2017. It was therefore logical that the first public presentation of my solar bike be organized at home. This event will take place on Tuesday, May 30, 2017, starting at 6.30 pm, at 17 Rue Général Farouk in Dijon.

For the record, the image of the beginning of this partnership, December 17, 2016.

My Partners

This page was very empty at first, and then as the project progressed, the partnerships gradually developed with different actors in connection with the bicycle, the solar or the technology of materials, up to the support, welcome and unexpected, of an Environmental protection association, the ADEROC.