A solar bike for the family!

While Suntripers design their bikes for long distance travel, other people imagine a more urban solar bike, for everyday use, for family use.

This is the case of the Vhélio association which wishes to promote an alternative to the car. She designed a solar vehicle that allows getting around in a practical, economical and ecological way. The vehicle can transport 2 adults and 2 children, and it has storage space (for shopping and more …).

In addition, the objective of the association is to provide the plans and the list of parts to allow everyone to build their own solar vehicle (VhéliO’tech). The finalization of the design of the VhéliO’tech kits is the subject of a crowdfunding campaign, to be found here .

The Vhélio in the media:

One solar bike capable of carrying several people!

 Grégory Barrier, initiator of the Vhélio project!

Vhélio, the solar kit bike, designed in Orléans!

 An Orléans collective is launching Vhélio, a solar bike to build yourself.

An engineer from Orleans fits a solar charger on his bike.

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