Sun Trip Europe 2021: the movie!

This fresco traces the adventure of the Sun Trip 2021 which took on board 35 participants all around Europe. This gentle mobility allowed them, each at their own pace, to discover this territory in all the diversity of its cultures and landscapes. This film also reflects the diversity of the participants, their motivations and their adventure.
Film directed by Sophie Planque and Jérémy Vaugeois.

english subtitles

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Bruxelles- Riga : 14 days

Hello to all Internet users who follow this blog!
Since leaving Brussels, it has been impossible for me to publish articles on this blog every day. Fatigue at the end of the day, the ups and downs of the trip, the drowning of my computer made it all impossible.
On the other hand, I publish several posts per day on Facebook (fast)
@Stef Xuo
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Follow the participants of the Sun Trip 2021 on their social network!

48 solar cyclists of 10 different nationalities are registered for Sun Trip Europe, which departure is scheduled for June 15 in Brussels.

Hopefully the health context will be favorable and allow everyone to participate!

Below, find each participant on their social network or blog: discover their preparation, their expectations, their enthusiasms before the big departure …
Notice to participants: for any addition or correction, contact:

1Dirk Huygue

Belgiquelogo facebook
2Kris WuytsBelgiquelogo facebook
3Géry Gevers

Belgiquelogo facebook
4Baudouin de HemptinneBelgiquelogo facebook
5Raf Van HulleBelgiquelogo facebooklogo instagram
6Bernard CauquilFrancelogo facebooklogo instagram
7Alessandra Sorrentino

Suisselogo facebooklogo instagram
8Pirmin BütlerSuisselogo facebooklogo instagram
9Patrice Plozner

Francelogo facebooklogo instagram
10Marisol SoutoFrancelogo facebooklogo instagram
11Sibylle Felder

Suisselogo facebook
12Daniel JenniSuisselogo facebook
13Nina WollnerNorvège½logo instagram
14Frédéric KochFrancelogo facebooklogo instagram
15Stéphane BujadouxFrancelogo facebooklogo instagram
16Didier VanderhoveBelgique½logo facebook
17Arnaud NegrierFrancelogo facebook
18Herman SegersBelgiquelogo facebook
19Jean-Marc DuboulozFrancelogo facebooklogo instagram
20Jean-Louis MachadoFrancelogo facebooklogo instagram
21Ralf LewienAllemagnelogo facebook
22Arnaud RoullandFrancelogo facebook
23Sofia Zaki
24Nicolas DelauneyFrance
25Michel BertetFrance
26Gaël BornetSuisselogo facebook
27Philippe PassardFrance
28Patrick TschiggAutriche½logo facebook
29Jacques CharpinetBelgiquelogo facebook
30Patrick AbramsBelgiquelogo facebook
31Laurence Surugue
32Christian SurugueFrance
33Baptiste Costes
34Samuel Certain-ChambaultFrance½logo facebook
35Valérie Nerincx
36Bertrand NerincxBelgique½
37Robert LucasFrancelogo facebook
38Frédéric VerronsFrance
39John MooneyRoyaume-Unilogo facebook
40Axel JustAllemagne
41Jean-Marc QuéauFrancelogo facebook
42Ivan ChicoisFrance
43Nicolas HenrysNouvelle-Zélande
44Akmaral MazhitovaKazakhstanlogo facebook
45Emil BarbutRoyaume-Unilogo facebook
46Patrick Noël

47Fakroudine AkbaralyFrance
48Sebastian MeyerFrancelogo instagram

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He goes to work by solar bike!

I had met him in Pau last summer, he had come to meet the participants of the Sun Trip France 2020 and to see their solar bikes. He was very enthusiastic about this mode of transport, and we had a good chat!

Grégory has made his project a reality: since last fall, he has been traveling by solar bike to the various places where he leads workshops for young audiences. 2000 km traveled to date! This approach is fully consistent with the purpose of its activities: discovery of nature, scientific, sensitive or artistic approach, preservation of the environment … (Find out more on Terra Pitchoun )

Grégory found good listening with Déclic Éco who designed and built the bike perfectly suited to his professional needs.

The Sun Trip achieves its objective: to spread the concept of solar bike!

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Prologue to the Sun Trip: from the Jura to the Vosges

Leaving Lyon on June 1, the participants in the Sun Trip prologue continue their journey. They went from the Jura mountains to the Vosges mountains, with unfavorable weather: the brave had to pedal in the rain, sometimes the storm, they climbed the Ballon d’Alsace under the clouds! Find them in this video by Sophie Planque and Jérémy Vaugeois.

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Lyon: start of the Sun Trip Europe prologue

This morning, in Lyon, the start of the Sun Trip Europe prologue was given at the Town Hall, in the presence of the mayor Grégory Doucet, elected officials of the city and the Metropolis, Ferran Tarradellas Espuny, representative in France of the European Commission.

The speeches present the exemplary values ​​carried by the Sun Trip: the search for sustainable mobility to meet climate challenges, a challenge that we must face together within Europe. Mr. Ferran Tarradellas Espuny recalls the motto of Europe: “united in diversity”, this diversity that we will discover and taste throughout our journey.

This motto also reflects the spirit of the Sun Trip, with its values ​​of inclusiveness: a group of people with disabilities participate in the prologue with adapted solar bikes, the Benur , designed by a Lyon company.

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Video presentation of the Sun Trip Europe!

The organization of the Sun Trip has published the trailer for the event, with the 5 compulsory passage points for all solar bikes.
The rest of the itinerary is at the discretion of the participants. Some plan a fairly direct route, others announce detours through Sweden. Further on, participants will be tempted to cut through Belarus and Ukraine, while most will cross Slovakia and Hungary to join Romania.

But the evolution of the health situation in each country could shake up the projects …

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Video summary of my preparation for Sun Trip Europe

Here, I have finished a little video which traces my preparation for the Sun Trip since March, with moments of enthusiasm and the vagaries of this spring.
N.B .: Subtitles are available in English, Spanish, German, and French!

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Sun Trip Europe official jersey!

That’s it, one month before the big start, the look of the official Sun Trip Europe jersey has been revealed to us! As always, the jersey is very beautiful, with its shades of blue that evoke the sky and the stars of Europe that cross it!

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A solar bike for the family!

While Suntripers design their bikes for long distance travel, other people imagine a more urban solar bike, for everyday use, for family use.

This is the case of the Vhélio association which wishes to promote an alternative to the car. She designed a solar vehicle that allows getting around in a practical, economical and ecological way. The vehicle can transport 2 adults and 2 children, and it has storage space (for shopping and more …).

In addition, the objective of the association is to provide the plans and the list of parts to allow everyone to build their own solar vehicle (VhéliO’tech). The finalization of the design of the VhéliO’tech kits is the subject of a crowdfunding campaign, to be found here .

The Vhélio in the media:

One solar bike capable of carrying several people!

 Grégory Barrier, initiator of the Vhélio project!

Vhélio, the solar kit bike, designed in Orléans!

 An Orléans collective is launching Vhélio, a solar bike to build yourself.

An engineer from Orleans fits a solar charger on his bike.

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A regional edition: the Breizh Sun Trip!

The “Breizh Sun Trip” will take place in Brittany from June 27 to July 7, 2021. This tour will offer ten stages, from 60 to 120 km, to discover some of the most beautiful sites in the region, in the cities, on the coast or inland.
About thirty participants are already pre-registered!

Here is an overview of the route in preparation, from Lorient to Saint-Malo!

If you are interested in joining the group, register on this form:

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The Sun Trip 2020 will finally happen in France!

The Sun Trip France will take place this summer 2020, from July 14 to August 9. The start will be in Lyon, with an arrival in Albertville. Thank you to the organizing team for their energy and responsiveness!

The route represents a 3000 km loop, divided into 7 stages. Some stages will be long, up to 850 km, other stages will allow participants to ride in groups (notably in Brittany, in Tourmalet and in the Alps). The route will also offer optional crossing points.

Learn more and / or register: Sun Trip France

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Sun Trip 2020 France-China will not happen !

Today is June 1 that we were to set off for China!
For months, all of us, solar cyclists registered for the 2020 edition of the Sun Trip, have imagined ourselves en route to Guangzhou (Canton) in China. We dreamed of the countries we were going to cross. For some Turkey, Uzbekistan, for others Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and for all, China. We imagined discoveries, meetings, happiness and perhaps some misfortunes …

The images of the 2018 edition had largely contributed to fuel our imagination:

But the Sun Trip 2020 will not take place as we had dreamed!
Because of the Covid-19 pandemic!

Despite everything, the Sun Trip 2020 will take place in another form! Thanks to the energy and creativity of the organizing team! It will be Franco-French, over a period of one month, with a course of 3000 km.

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Sun Trip 2020 preparation seminar

Preparation for the Sun Trip 2020 was organized this weekend in Lyon. It brought together 30 participants from the fifty or so registered participants and took place in an atmosphere that was studious, fascinating and friendly.
To effectively prepare for this solar bike rally, many themes were addressed:
– administrative aspects, border formalities and visas,
– possible routes and variants,
– the cultural differences of the countries crossed,
– the operation of solar bikes, the technical regulations,
– monitoring of meteorology and its impact on navigation,
– communication: video, social networks etc …

This weekend also allowed everyone to meet the other participants. There were many informal exchanges, between conferences and workshops, around meals or over a beer, at all hours of the day and night!
It was an opportunity for rich meetings between experienced suntripers and newcomers, between French and English speakers, between technicians and travelers … The enthusiasm and the joy of sharing were visible on the faces.

Saturday evening, we celebrated the Chinese New Year in the presence of the Chinese Consul in Lyon and the 3 Chinese SunTrip managers. On Sunday, Luc Giros presented his tour of Europe: more than 18,000 km traveled on the solar bike used by Mickaël Joguet during the Sun Trip 2018.

We would like to thank Florian Bailly for organizing this fruitful moment, as well as all the members of the organization who contributed to the smooth running of the event: Béatrice and Yannick, Christophe Bayard (Vécolo), Benoit Ganivet, Annick-Marie who brilliantly provided case-simultaneous translation for non-French speaking participants.

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A solar bike tour in the Pyrenees on France3 TV

In the show “Faut pas rêver”, Carolina De Salvo makes us discover the landscapes of Cerdanya and its solar installations before continuing a great crossing of the Pyrenees to Aragon in Spain.
Carolina’s journey begins on an old train to the isolated Estavar station. She joined Bernard Cauquil, inventor of a tandem that runs on solar energy. At the handlebars of the Twin Dragon Fly, Carolina continues her journey thanks to the sun, a wealth of this region where it shines more than 320 days a year! In Mont-Louis, she meets Denis who demonstrates the first solar oven in the world.

[Extract from the program dedicated to the solar bike]

Carolina continues her journey marked by unforgettable encounters, placed under the sign of the unconditional love of those who live in the heart of the Pyrenees!
[Link to the full show in replay ” Faut Pas Rêver: for love of the Pyrenees “ broadcast on Wednesday January 15 on France 3]

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The Sun Trip 2020 in L’É magazine

Today, a very nice article on the Sun Trip was published by L'Équipe magazine. Find the full article online at:

Here are some extracts below:
“In June, Sun Trip competitors will ride from Lyon to Canton in China on electro-solar assisted bikes. On the program: 12,000 km and fifteen countries crossed.


Browsing the Internet without looking at the compass too much, Jean-Marc Dubouloz, amateur cyclist, comes across a film relating the 2018 edition of the "Sun Trip". The images showed strange cyclists progressing on alpine slopes, over the plains of central Europe, or under the overwhelming sky of the Kazakh steppe. Pedaling lying under cover under their solar panels, or towing them on a trailer attached to their traditional bike, the Sun Trip competitors joined Lyon … Canton, 12,000 kilometers further!
Love at first sight from Jean-Marc Dubouloz: “I was amazed,” says this audiovisual entrepreneur. I immediately knew I wanted to do this. ”


Launched in 2013 by Florian Bailly, this extraordinary event aims to be a sort of “Terrestrial Vendée Globe”. […] The rule is simple: reach the final destination independently on “electro-solar assistance” bicycles (traditional or recumbent, cargo bikes, etc.). Any recharging on sector being strictly prohibited, the competitors will advance all the more quickly as the sky will be blue. Conversely, rainy and dull days require more muscular effort, promising both fatigue and shorter distances. […]

"What attracted me was this unique blend of human adventure and technology," says Dubouloz. The fiftieth is also passionate about the issue of soft mobility: […]the energy required for each participant to join Canton is for 1/3 of muscular origin and for 2/3 photovoltaic. […] On such a long adventure, you must reduce the risk of damage, and above all plan to repair by yourself. […]

The time limit for joining Canton is set at three and a half months. Our amateur cyclist is aiming for less than 60 days. June 1 will begin for him "the adventure of a lifetime".

Author: Olivier Haralambon
Posted January 13, 2020 on


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The Suntriper Christophe Dugué interviewed by France 3 TV

Christophe Dugué participated in the Sun Trip Tour in 2017, and also in 2019 with his wife Stephanie. His professional world has allowed him to build himself powerful, rigid and lightweight solar panels. Indeed Christophe works at Photowatt, a French manufacturer of panels.
In front of the cameras of France 3, he talks to us about his motivations and his approach, and Stéphanie explains to us how much his solar bike helped her in the ascent of the big alpine passes.

Pour la planète : Christophe Dugué à vélo solaire

Parcourir les Alpes ou pourquoi pas rouler jusqu'à l'autre bout du monde en toute autonomie dans des conditions plus écologiques qu'en voiture ou en camping car, c'est l'avantage du vélo électrique solaire. Christophe Dugué s'est lancé en participant au Sun Trip, une course à vélo solaire unique au monde. #pourlaplanète The Sun Trip

Publiée par France 3 Régions sur Mercredi 20 novembre 2019

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The Sun Trip Tour 2019 in the 200′ magazine!

The magazine 200 makes cycling a daily adventure, it feels a love of cycling in all its forms, it grants letters of nobility to the little queen, whether the bike in town, wilderness, mountain , on all the roads of France, Europe and elsewhere. The magazine 200 does not segregate between cyclo-sportsmen, competitors, cyclotourists, travelers, adventurers …
That's why he devoted an 8-page article to the participants of the Sun Trip, and recounts their adventures on the human level as well as technical and sporting.

A number available in kiosks until the end of January 2020

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