Daniel and Dirk arrived in Guangzhou!

Dirk Huyghe and Daniel Jenni arrived at Yuexiu Park in the sun of Guangzhou where they were greeted by Angélique and Cédric from the organisation team as well as by the Suntripers Jack Butler, Stéphane Bertrand and Paul Baudry.
Dirk and Daniel are 9th place of the Solar Challenge, their journey lasted 77 days. Having rolled together for several weeks, the complicity of the two Suntriperss was strongly felt upon arrival.

Dirk has travelled 14 000 km from Gent in Belgium and he probably broke the record of the greatest number of punctures: 45 during his trip!
Daniel has almost reached 13 000 km, with few punctures but with important technical problems that he has solved thanks to his talents of Tinkerer.

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