Direction Aosta, before attacking the Col du Grand Saint-Bernard

Nice descent of the Petit Saint-Bernard pass, I film Daniele and Jean-Louis in the laces, at full speed. The light is still beautiful.

After an endless number of turns, we arrive at the end of the valley and join a busy road. Rolling becomes less pleasant, especially as the heat increases. To top it off, I have to stop because the bolts of the trailer are unscrewed because of vibrations:

Another stop: another bolt goes out and rubs on a disc:

Fortunately, the arrival on Aoste makes forget the heat and the worries:

Aosta: the heat is at its height, I do not linger. Quick, find the road to the Grand St-Bernard! The speed of the cars on this road spoils a little fun, but the tunnel finally free us from all this traffic: we approach the last 10 km with happiness for some and pain for others, especially those whose battery is empty.
A warm atmosphere awaits us at Casa Don Angelo Carioni refuge, we will sleep 3km from the pass.

Battery empty and mounted “on the pedal” was the lot of Thierry, he is acclaimed by all suntripeurs at table:

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