First Test of electric-assisted bicycle (SOM)

This afternoon it was my "first time", my first try with an electric-assisted bike loaned by the gable-on-street cycle shop. It was a very informative outing for a novice like me, my impressions were contrasting: on the one hand, a great satisfaction to climb the coast of vises at an unusual speed, but on the other hand, what frustration on flat ground when The assistance leaves me as soon as I exceed 25 km/h, the high weight of the bike is then felt! I'll have to get used to it… But on reflection, in recent years, when I randonnais bike with my saddlebags (tent, sleeping bag, clothes, food etc…), my average speed has always been less than 25 km/h. This will still be the case this summer, especially since the course in the Alps will have a difference! Under these conditions, the lack of assistance beyond 25 km/h will be more rarely felt.

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