From Frick to Wildhaus (Switzerland): how do I lose my teammate!

Preparation of the Sun Trip Tour – June 8th
Daniele repaired his brakes at the campsite which had a very well equipped workshop. We leave shortly before noon. A beautiful day is coming: a blue sky, a sun full of watts, wind in the back! We ride together, Daniele on the road, and me on the bike path along the road. Switzerland is full of attention for its cyclists! But sometimes these bike paths move away from the road to join after a village, for example. But all of a sudden, I realize that it's been a while since we've lost sight of each other. Nothing serious, you will tell me, a little phone call or SMS to meet. Unfortunately, it happens today that I change my telephone network operator. So, it was impossible to join us to tell us where we were. I find nice Swiss people ready to help me out: they agree to join Daniele with their cellphone. But Daniele does not answer, I leave a voice message at random (I'll know the next day he believed in harassment advertising!). Further, in a service station equipped with Wifi, I try with Whatsap and email. In vain ! After all these unsuccessful attempts, I resolve to resume my journey. I am the GPS track concocted by Daniele, without knowing if he was in front or behind me. At least we drive in the same direction, on the same road.

The scenery is beautiful, with snowy mountain scenery, scenic bike paths. The day of sun gives a max, more than 1000 Wh, she would have given much more if my battery had not been full by 8am. My 330Wp solar panels work wonders. At the end of the afternoon, I roll by tilting them well to better capture the evening sun. Arrived at a campsite, the wifi and WhatsApp allow me finally to reconnect with Daniele. He is 40 km ahead of me and will sleep in Lichtenstein. Phew, we'll meet again tomorrow morning!

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