From Langres (Haute-Marne) to the Minicamping of Lomont (Haute-Saône)

Training for the Sun Trip Tour – June 6
After the rain of the night, we take advantage of the morning sun to recharge the batteries while we enjoy our breakfast on the terrace of a bakery. We leave Langres with difficulty: works block the road! We have to be cunning to get around the obstacle. We do not know yet that this is the first embarrassment of a long series throughout this trip through Switzerland, Austria and Italy. Rural landscapes are parading before our eyes. Approaching Vesoul, we follow a delicious bike path through meadows, streams, groves … But then, we face a road with terrible traffic, the N19: cars, trucks, motorhomes succeed one another without interruption. Some are close to us. Suddenly, an exceptional convoy falls back on Daniele who must literally leave the road.  I fart a cable, after 30 km of permanent danger, I want to leave this hell! But Daniele tells me that our ordeal will be over in 2km. I yield. And that's right: in Lure, we find our country lanes so quiet. Happiness ! And, icing on the cake, we find a lovely campsite on the farm, the Minicamping Lomont. If you go to Haute-Saône, I warmly recommend this place! We load our batteries between 19h and 21h, while savoring the meal prepared by the Dutch host who manages this campsite.

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