Sun Trip 2018 participants awards

Françoise Denel, the dean of the Sun Trip, was honoured with the Public Award. She was acclaimed for her enthusiasm and optimism in all circumstances, her benevolent and poetic look at the regions crossed.

Jack Butler received the Jury Award that rewards the adventurer who knew how to achieve the sun Trip in recharge 100% solar, while communicating best on his adventure. The organization team particularly appreciated Jack’s talent for making videos (sometimes even with the use of a drone), as well as his strong presence on social networks.

Youssef El Haouass and Mohamed Said Kaan have received the  “Coup de coeur 2018” award by the organization team. Together they formed a welded duo, capable of an exceptional performance: the design and construction by Youssef of a solar tandem adapted to the handicap, the courage of Mohamed Said to embark on this adventure despite his handicap. To move the mountains!

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