The process of technical creation of the solar bike

Throughout this project of creating a technical object, I was able to realize how complex the creation process is, because indeed:

  • many parameters are taken into account (of the order of physics);
  • some parameters are closely correlated (while others are independent);
  • some parameters are the result of a personal choice or a preconceived idea, others are simply based on physical laws (NB: it is sometimes no easier to remove an obstacle linked to a preconceived idea than another linked to a physical law).

It is not a linear approach, but cyclical or rather spiral. We go through phases of information research, design, research of suitable material. Then come the construction and experimentation phases. When we do not achieve the desired result, we return to the phases of research, design, construction and again experimentation.
Sometimes, after several cycles, we reach the intended goal, and we are happy!
When we do not succeed, we are less … We are then led to question certain initial choices, certain parameters. And then the cycle begins again …

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