Tour de Normandie with solar bike: itinerary

With Daniele, who met at the Sun Trip 2017, we planned a journey of more than 1000 km in Normandy. It was for me the opportunity to discover a beautiful region and to test my new solar bike. The day before departure, surprise : Paul, suntriper 2015 and 2017, came to have dinner with us! The planned route included steps between 120 and 200 km, with low or moderate gradients. But a contingency decided otherwise: we had to adapt our itinerary to avoid the chaotic roads and to abandon the tour of Cotentin. As it was the first trip with my new solar bike (new engine and new trailer) I was very thrifty at first with electrical assistance. I had to experiment, depending on the sunshine, how fast my battery would recharge with the 200 WC of exposed panels by rolling and the 100 WC of the additional panel usable only during breaks.
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