With Kelle Fabrik FabLab, I am learning to program an Arduino

Today, the FabLab Kelle Fabrik organizes a workshop to learn how to program an Arduino module. I was enthusiastic about it. What relationship with the construction of a solar bike, will you object? Well, I had seen that some participants in Suntrip 2013/2015 optimised the recovery of solar energy by orienting their solar panels. So the idea germinated to automate this process and I began to dream that, while pedaling, my panels would orient themselves in a dynamic way according to the Sun. Let us hear well: they would orient themselves along a single axis, that of the trajectory of the bike. And of course, I would activate this automatism only in the absence of wind (I was able to realize that with wind, even weak, the panels had to remain well horizontal).

With Kelle Fabrik FabLab, I’m learning how to model in 3d…

Two days before this workshop, I had installed the free and free blender software on my personal computer. By discovering the complexity of the interface, I quickly abandoned the exploration, discouraged. And tonight, after 2 hours of discovery guided by the animator of Kelle Fabrik, I almost manage to finalize my project! I can't believe it. It's great, sharing, collaboration… Thanks to the FabLab to exist!

It must be recognized that there is a special, exciting and almost magical atmosphere here.