Logbook by Thierry Rassat

Day 37: Tonight I stop in hotel complex where you can eat, wash (for 500 Tinde = 1.2 euro) close to Kyzylorda. But then it’s a bit of a bedtime story: I ask them if I can sleep. It seems that no room is free. So the keeper makes me sleep for a while in his Mercedes while waiting for a place to be released! Then comes to pick me up around 11:30 pm and for 2000 Tinde, I will sleep where we eat! Finally almost… Because at 3:00 in the morning I have to leave my place and sleep on another bench.

Day 38: I go through the town of Kyzylorda (change of time zone), I stop at 180 km from the city of Turkestan. It’s a good road. The sun is there and I made 170 km today, which is pretty good! In the evening I sleep near to a mosque which makes me enjoy the prayers of the imam launched by speaker up to 22:45!

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