Stéphane Bertrand, 4th suntriper in Guangzhou!

Stéphane Bertrand arrived in Guangzhou! It finishes in 4th position of the Solar Challenge 2018, with 12700 km travelled.
Stéphane has long been in second place, in the direct wake of Raf Van Hulle. On entering China, Stéphane chose a daring itinerary. But the Chinese authorities forced him to turn back what made him lose four days. In the Gobi desert, he had to face a more unfavourable wind than the first three suntripers.
Then, he had to stop for a day to recover from indigestion and a succession of technical problems we lose to Stéphane all hope to return to the podium. This morning again he had to face an umpteenth puncture, 40 km from the finish, using for the occasion its latest patch!

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