Carbon footprint of a 10,000 km trip

Today, everyone agrees that it is urgent to reduce our CO² emissions. I was just wondering what the differences were in terms of CO² emissions between the different modes of transport.
The answer to this simple question is ultimately quite complex: many factors go into the calculations, starting with the average number of passengers in a plane, in a car.

For the table below, I used the data * published by the European Environment Agency to calculate the CO² emission for a trip of 10,000km, i.e. the distance we will travel during the Sun Trip Europe.

(* Averages: 88 passengers / plane, 2.2 passengers / long-distance car)

To give yourself a scale of these values, the easiest way is to compare them to the annual CO² emissions of a French person, i.e. 12 tonnes of CO2 equivalent through his travels and his accommodation ( heating, hot water, electricity) for one year.
We can see that by plane, a trip of 10,000 km would increase the annual carbon footprint of a French person by almost a quarter!
N.B .: the approach presented above does not take into account the manufacture of vehicles.

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