From Innsbrück (Austria) to Aicha (Italy) via the Brenner pass

Preparation of the Sun Trip Tour – June 10
After Innsbrück, the climb to the Brenner pass attacks from the start at 11 or 12%. We advance to 6 km / h and it makes much heat our Direct Drive technology engines (95 ° C for mine!). At times, Daniele pushes his bike to avoid overheating. During breakfast, the sun had recharged my battery and I thought it would last all day. But very quickly, I was disappointed. Further on, we walked along the valley on a really charming road for cyclists, crossing hamlets, meadows and villages. Real roller coasters, steep descents followed by equally steep climbs. While Daniele was cursing, I savored the landscapes. The arrival at the pass was the occasion of a memorable video selfie. The descent of the pass, on the Italian bike paths, was a real pleasure, despite our referral errors and very narrow baffles.

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