Evolution of my solar bike in 2018

This summer, my plan is to travel to Europe with my solar bike, but I wanted to be able to take the train either to leave or to return. How to do ? I had to completely rethink the solar vehicle with which I participated last year on the Sun Trip Tour 2017.

1) I chose my folding bike to which I added electric assistance.

2) I built a new trailer, much lower than the one in 2017 for added strength. But I kept its simple principle: in a few seconds, the solar panels can go from a horizontal position to a vertical position and thus the trailer does not take up more space than a bicycle. In the train, all that remains is to hope for a benevolent look from the controllers for this extraordinary equipment.

I tested this trailer when we accompanied the participants of the Sun Trip 2018 during their prologue from Lyon to Chamonix.

On the road, it behaved very well, in descents (very stable) as in climbs (light = 10 kg without luggage).

On the return TER train, the trailer was accepted without problem by the controllers. To be tested on other occasions, in other countries …

People interested in this self-construction (DIY) can contact me at this email address:

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