Arrival in Lyon: the Sun Trip in the media

France3, July 21: Sun Trip 2017:33 out of 37 bikes arrived in Lyon! On July 21, the "Sun tripers" came to the end of their sporting and technological challenge! There are 33 of the 37 who had started two weeks ago from Clermont-Ferrand. Not bad, after 1200 kilometers, 20 000 meters of positive elevation, and some big passes of the Alps! »

Le Progrès, 22 July : The Sun trip stops at Trévoux

Le Progrès, 24 July : The Sun trip at Pont-d’Ain

Magazine 20 minutes, 21 July : The arrival of the sun trip in Lyon

Arrival of the caravan of the Sun Trip in Val-d’Isère

After a shower and a meal, our solar bike caravan joins the electric and hybrid vehicle show in Val-d’Isère. Bernard Cauquil is here!

We install our bikes on the show:

Participants of the 2013 and 2015 editions of SunTrip are here:

Here is the vehicle I would like to ride on: Jean-Yves Schneeberger’s trike (red cedar structure):

I found THE ultimate solar trailer with which I will not have any more breaks!

A mysterious parcel from Poland!

I received today a parcel that I did not expect anymore… I had to open it to realise that the partnership requested from the manufacturer of my trailer, the producer of the mine, became effective! These are different elements to complete my trailer: a satchel, fixing kneecaps, two neon yellow pennants for the motorists to correctly mark my trailer.

The SunTrip in the "Journal of Saône-et-Loire" of June 20

Last Saturday, I was driving in the Saône-et-Loire. I take a break in Givry, a person is interested in my vehicle, we discuss bike and SunTrip. He asks to take my picture and… I find out he's a reporter in the local newspaper! See the online article "A funny solar steed" in the Saône-et-Loire Journal on June 20, 2017.

Bike presentation at Pignons-sur-Rue store

The gable-on-street cycle shop was my first partner.

I thank Julien Fernandez for believing in my project from the first hour and for advising me with a lot of attention and professionalism. He is the supplier of my electric bike and has given me a discount as part of my participation in Sun Trip 2017. It was therefore logical that the first public presentation of my solar bike be organized at home. This event will take place on Tuesday, May 30, 2017, starting at 6.30 pm, at 17 Rue Général Farouk in Dijon.

For the record, the image of the beginning of this partnership, December 17, 2016.

My Partners

This page was very empty at first, and then as the project progressed, the partnerships gradually developed with different actors in connection with the bicycle, the solar or the technology of materials, up to the support, welcome and unexpected, of an Environmental protection association, the ADEROC.

Meeting with Image Professionals

I have the project to keep traces of this adventure, in the form of writings, drawings and images. Pictures of course, but I would also like to report films of this SunTrip 2017!  Fix on the "film" The Landscapes that parade, the inhabitants of the villages crossed, and the soundscapes also. However, if I regularly practice the photo, the animated image is somewhat unfamiliar to me. So when I meet Sasha and Perrine, both film professionals, I take the opportunity to ask them for advice. How could a neophyte like me exploit a camera in an adventure such as the Sun Trip? Both are lavish in recommendations and advise me before any economy, sobriety, efficiency… I tell myself that they aimed just, me who too often have a taste for glut! Perrine recommends the film by Thierry Frémaux on the Lumière brothers. Passing through Lyon two weeks later, I run to the institute Lumière to obtain the DVD. I have watched it several times already, there is so much to learn… Thanks to you, Perrine and Sacha, I hope that I will live up to my task in July!