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Nationalities of participants at Sun trip 2019 50 participants from 7 different nationalities will participate in the 2019 Edition of the Sun trip tour, from July 6 to 20! Some of us have already met during a very fruitful weekend of preparation, organised by the Sun trip team, in Lans-en-Vercors in April.

Find each participant on his social network or blog: discover his preparation, his expectations, his enthusiasm before the big start…

NomNb pers.PaysSun TripBlogAutreRéseau social
AMORAVAIN Céline, MOCELLIN Pierre & Thomas3Francelogo instagramlogo facebook
ANDREA Gilles1France
ASPE Yannick & CAZANAVE Béatrice2France2015,
logo facebook
BAYARD Christophe1France2017logo facebook
BERMEJO Paul1Maroc2015,
logo facebook
BROCHARD Laurent1Francelogo facebook
BUJADOUX Stéphane1France2017logo instagramlogo facebook
CHATAGNY Laurent & HENCHOZ Corentin2Suisse
CIANI Dario1Suisselogo facebook
CORSELLI Catherine & DURAND Jean-Michel2Belgique
COSANDIER Michel1Suisse
COTTARD Francis1France2017
DENEL Francoise1France2018logo facebook
DUGUÉ Christophe & Stéphanie2France2017logo facebook
FLORET Jean-Jacques1Francelogo facebook
GADOIN Fabrice1Francelogo facebook
GANIVET Benoît1Francelogo facebook
GILLESPIE Ryan & THORESEN Rain2USA2017logo facebook
GONANO Daniele1Italie2017logo facebook
GUILLE François1France
GUYOT Olivier & SCHULZ Norbert2Allemagnelogo facebook
HADIK Stephen1Suisselogo facebook
HELSEN An & Peter2Belgique2017,
logo facebook
IETTER Alain1France2017logo facebook
INACIO Jérôme1Francelogo facebook
KELLER Jean-Claude1Suisselogo facebook
LAGRIFFOUL Claude1France2017logo facebook
LEWIEN Ralf1Allemagnelogo facebook
MACHADO Jean-Louis1France2017logo facebook
OLCHEWSKY Michel1Francelogo facebook
PLOZNER Patrice1France2018logo facebook
RAMBEAU Perrine & VAN NESS Nate2France
logo facebook
ROULLAND Arnaud1Allemagnelogo facebook
RUSSO Fabio1Italielogo facebook
TOUZET Bertrand1Allemagnelogo facebook
TROUCHE Jean-Claude1Francelogo facebook
VAN TIEL Pieter1Suisselogo facebook
VOLLUZ Jean-Marie1Suisselogo facebook

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